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 +====== What are the advantages of having an account? ======
 +The following article explains why an account is needed for certain services. You can register at
 +===== O-Editor =====
 +You need an account for the editor so that we can keep track of the changes made to the map. For example, we can prevent someone from deleting all objects again. We reserve the right to block users who behave inappropriately from the platform. For you the account has many advantages, for example you can view your drawn objects in the feed. You do not need an account to view the o-map.
 +===== O-Analyser =====
 +The O-Analyser allows you to evaluate orienteering runs quickly and easily. You need an account to upload such an activity, because you can decide who can view it afterwards. You don't need a login to view a public activity.
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