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 +====== How can I register? ======
 +In the following article we explain how you can register for the O-Map. If you wonder why you have to register, you can find [[en:account-benefit|here]] more information.
 +Note: To register you need a working email address.
 +===== Step by step instructions =====
 +  - Go to the following page:
 +  - Fill in the requested information. Please note that the username cannot be changed later and is public.
 +  - Press the button //Register//.
 +  - You have now received an email to your email address. This contains a confirmation link. You have to confirm your account before you can log in. If you did not receive an email, you can find [[en:email-confirm-manuell|here]] further help. 
 +  - Done: After opening the link in the email you can log in at
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