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Registration problems

Can't register because of an error? In this article we will give you useful hints so that you can find the error and fix it on your own. You can register at Here you can find a step by step guide for the registration process.

Frequent error messages

The entered passwords do not match.

If this message appears, then you probably mistyped your password. The two passwords you entered do not match. Please fill in the password fields again.

You must accept the privacy policy.

Please accept the privacy policy by checking the box. To register for the O-Map, you must accept the Privacy Policy.

This email address or username is already taken.

For each e-mail address only one matching account can be created. Furthermore, each username can only be assigned once. Maybe your chosen username is already taken. Please choose another one.

There was an error while saving. Please try again.

Sorry, we could not save the information. Please try again. If the error occurs again, please contact us here.

Unfortunately, there was an error sending the confirmation email.

Sorry, we could not send you an email. Please contact us here.

I did not receive a confirmation email.

Here you can find more help.

General information

To avoid spam, the maximum length of the username is limited to 15 characters and that of the name to 20 characters. Therefore longer names will not be accepted. Please understand.

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