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Used Libraries

Without the following libraries it would not have been possible to generate the o-map. Many thanks to the developers of these helpful scripts.


Name Description URL Used since
Mapbox GL JS Mapbox GL JS is a JavaScript library that uses WebGL to render interactive maps from vector tiles and a custom style. v.0.0.1
Maputnik Maputnik is an open source visual editor for the Mapbox Style Specification. It was used to generate the orienteering style. v.0.0.1
Maptiler GeocoderWith global data blended from multiple sources, it gives you the ability to search for places to the street level.
Mapbox GL drawDraw tools for mapbox-gl-js.

Website Functions

Name Description URL Used since
jBox jBox is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create tooltips, modal windows and more v.0.0.1
jsPDF The leading HTML5 client solution for generating PDFs. v.0.0.1
Turf.jsAdvanced geospatial analysis for browsers and Node.js
PolylabelA fast algorithm for finding the pole of inaccessibility of a polygon.
QriousPure JavaScript library for QR code generation using canvas


Name Description URL Used since
Font Awesome Font Awesome is a collection of many icons that enhance the user experience. v.0.0.1
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